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Miami - South Beach, Speedboats and Segways !!!

Speedboats, Segways and South beach !!!

We only had a week to spare so we tried to pack as much as possible in the short time we had, it was busy and beautiful..

Miami is a melting pot of cultures, you will hear so many different languages as you wander around, In a way it feels more European than American.

We flew out on the new Thomas Cook charter flight from Manchester, excellent service and all on time, after a short 20 min transfer we arrived at the Sagamore Art hotel directly on South Beach.
We checked in – the room was great and there was a lovely pool and bar area. This hotel also has a fantastic display of art work by local artists, the exhibitions are changed regularly and they take a lot of pride in this.

It was an ideal location for both the beach, sightseeing and not to forget shopping..
South Beach is exactly as you imagine it, lifeguard towers dotted all along the beautiful white sandy beach..  vibrant blue sea and a gentle breeze..   There were also the mandatory couple of body builders flexing their muscles and models, modelling !!

After fighting off the paprazzi ,we headed off to Lincoln Road Mall, literally two minutes walk from the hotel, this isn’t a typical American mall, its all outdoors and there are hundreds of shops bars and restaurants in a pedestrianised area covering a mile or so.. There was a great variety of eating establishments and we spent a good few evenings here..

Over the next few days, we visited various places and we had a ball, we took a speedboat from Bayside Marina  for an afternoon on the waves.  We saw all the famous peoples homes on star island and the multi million pound yachts along with them.. 

We had a full day on an airboat ride over the everglades; we spotted quite a few gators in various parts of the swamps, we also baby alligators. The boat was noisy, fast and great.. the trip was so different from anything else– an experience and not to be missed in this part of America.

In the evenings we tried many different restaurants, there are hundreds to choose from, they can be pricey but generally the standards are really good, we had a night on Ocean drive with all the buildings lit up like in the movies, it was busy but all felt perfectly safe and in a way quite familiar..

We arranged a Segway tour, I was nervous but it only took a couple of minutes to get used to driving/riding ( not sure which it is) the Segway.. Our guide took us all over the local area, from the beach to the boardwalk, through the residential areas, across lummus park, the Versace mansion and all of the Art Deco area. It was a great way to see Miami. Driving down the centre of Ocean drive on the Segway was amazing..

All of us had a great time, I could definitely recommend Miami, there is something to suit all ages, we travelled as a family, but whatever you want from your holiday, family activities, partying at bars and clubs, beaches, shopping sightseeing, adrenalin or relaxing, Miami will certainly tick the boxes.